About Us

Sheepys is a family run business with over 30 years of experience with British sheepskin and leather. Partners in life and business, JH and Nicole founded Sheepys, inspired by their passion for British farming, the British manufacturing industry and British Aviation heritage.


With a father who has been making The Original Flying Jackets for 35 years JH grew up in a home where a homemade pair of slippers or a long lasting sheepskin cushion were standard presents that he noticed stood the test of time and brought great joy to the people using them.


“My father told me about the amount of off-cuts that went to waste from the jackets thathe was hand-crafting for big clients and prestigious fashion houses. From this, the idea was born to make unique gifts for my Mother from these spare pieces. Over the years, people would come to our home and fall in love with these little accessories and request items to be made for themselves too. This is when I realised that there is a strong demand for hand cut and hand made British sheepskin products.”


Meanwhile, Nicole spent her childhood looking forward to visits to her Aunt and Uncle’s farm in South Wales. Fascinated by the relationship between the team of farmers, their dogs and the herds, she was hooked. Memories of the first time she watched her uncle communicate with his team and dogs gave insight to the beautiful culture and traditions around British farming.


“On the fields all commands were given in Welsh. In more urgent situations, such as when a sheep requires medicine no spoken commands are needed. The dogs can tell exactly which sheep is to be brought in with just a look from my uncle. It’s like magic, the care that goes behind rearing these creatures in the best conditions to produce the highest quality meat for us is a wonderful tradition. The results are fresher and healthier than any similar produce shipped from abroad. Of course the high grade sheepskin are a by-product of the meat industry and would go to waste if not used to make something beautiful. British farmers were once able to make a reliable income from these by-products and wool. However, due to the growth of mass production, these local industries have suffered immensely and are now almost non-existent. Mass tanned sheepskin is just not the same as individually tanned pieces. We feel very strongly about promoting this and have been delighted with the feedback from our wonderful customers. “


Once just a dream to bring both families to work together, Sheepys is now in full swing, and combines the skills and resources of both families.
All of the materials are ethically sourced and by-products from animals reared for their meat on trusted British farms. Sheepys sheepskin is hand picked for quality and tanned by hand- the old fashioned way which means that with proper care they should last a long, long time. The Sheepys family has rugs in our family home that are about 30 years old and the original cushions and slippers are still going strong from the early 90s!


With a workshop and office in Kent, our pieces are in shops in London, as well as at various pop up events . Forever drawing on our British roots and combining it with a modern twist we love to work on bespoke orders. Our bespoke flying jacket service offers the greatest personal attention and gives you a classic jacket made to you size that will last a lifetime. We also have an ever evolving collection of homeware and attire.

House of Harry Nicole is proud to be a member of The Real Sheepskin Association, Made in GB, and The Campaign for Wool. We are also supporters of Back British Farming .
Photos below include JH’s dad in his workshop, the classic flying jacket, a happy  customer George in his custom made jackets and photos of Nicole, her aunt and her uncle on on on of their first trips to the farm.

 Phil in Workshop

Phil close up
 Flying Jacket (small) Flying Jacket on Bike (small)   sheep hearding (small) Nicole with Uncle (small)
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