Bespoke Sheepskin Jackets and Gilets

Bespoke Sheepskin Jackets and Gilets
May 19, 2016 admin
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Bringing your sheepskin visions to reality.


Those of you that have had a custom tailored suit or dress know what I mean why I say there’s nothing quite like it.


From your measurements being taken to the choice of texture and colour every detail is cherished. The craftsmanship behind bringing these pieces is first class.


To start the process you need an idea of the style of the garment. This is much easier these days with Pinterest and the vast expanse of Google images. Or even a garment you want to copy as this is already a real thing which can be duplicated.


Then it’s time to pick the material and with sheepskin there are many options. Colour, finish (how the leather side looks and feels this can vary from suede to shiny leather). Even down to the length of the hair. At Sheepys sheepskin we have a whole selection to chose from.


Once the style and material is chosen a pattern needs to be made. Our pattern maker will design and work with you to get what you want.


Once this has been finished and agreed it’s off to be manufactured.


To book an appointment to meet one of our team please contact us directly at or call 0208 123 6905

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