Health Benefits

Here are just some of the health benefits of natural sheepskin.

#1 – The Natural Thermostat
Thousands of years of evolution have created wool fleece that completely protects sheep from the constant buffeting of freezing cold windy nights and intense daytime heat. Wool fibres actually “breathe” and have an inherent ability to act as a natural thermostat that regulate body temperature. Today, wool remains far superior to synthetic fibres because of the unique way in which it handles both temperature and moisture.

#2 – The Ultimate in Softness and Support – Naturally Orthopaedic
Nothing soothes the body and reduces body fatigue like sheepskin. Sheepskin’s naturally crimped fibres form a springy, cushioned support that cradles your body, relieving pressure points, muscle aches and pain. Scientists have attributed this to the fact that each wool hair, or fibre, contains a three-dimensional spiralling crimp that acts like a miniature spring. This unique fibre structure is what makes a bed created out of sheepskin outperform other beds made from synthetic fibres.

#3 – Hospitals have used sheepskin for years to enhance their patient’s comfort
Sheepskin can help to soothe the discomforts caused by arthritis, hip displacement, slipped disks, stiffness, and other ailments. Sheepskin is the natural sleeping aid for a better night’s rest and an excellent source of comfort.

  • Sheepskin’s natural wicking action draws moisture away from the skin preventing the conditions that allow bacteria to thrive.

  • Sheepskin remains dry, offering relief from dampness and preventing aches that are caused by damp surroundings.

  • Sheepskin provides a soft cushioning layer of comfort between sensitive skin and unyielding surfaces.

  • Sheepskin retains heat, promoting blood circulation and relieving the pressure areas that often trouble older, injured or sick people.

Sheepskin will not give off an electrical charge like synthetic fabrics do. It absorbs the static electricity caused by friction.

  • Sheepskin absorbs sweat immediately and can submit it into the air seven times faster than synthetic materials

  • Sheepskin contains a substance called Lanolin which is similar to that found in human skin. It is kind to sensitive or inflamed skin and can help to heal or desensitise inflammation, sensitivity and rashes on the skin

  • Lanolin in natural sheepskin also provides a self-cleaning quality when it is hung in fresh air

  • Sheepskin is resistant to dirt and bacteria