Brown Welsh Mountain Sheepskin Rug
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  • Welsh Mountain Brown Sheepskin Rug

Brown Welsh Mountain Sheepskin Rug



Complete the look

Gorgeous tones of chocolate and mahogany. These rugs have been described as the ‘teddy bear’ of our rug collections.

No teddy bears were hurt in the making of this rug

The Welsh Mountain sheep tend to be on the smaller side however they are extremely hardy from climbing the higher parts of the Welsh mountains. The males have horns whereas you won’t often see females with them. They have no wool on their legs and face and they commonly have long tails.

Another Sheepys sheepskin family favourite.

Sheepys Sheepskin Rug Chart

Sheepys Sheepskin Rug Chart

RugSize (cm) approx
Single70-90 x 100-140
Double (End to End)75 x 200-240
Double (Side by Side)140-180 x 100-140
Triple150-170 x 100-120
Quad100-120 x 170-190
Sexto150 x 190-220
Octo200-240 x 190-220
Deco260-275 x 190-220

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Single, Double End to End, Double Side by Side, Triple, Quad, Sexto, Octo, Deco


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