Why Sheepys?

Sheepys: The “Natural” Choice
Real sheepskin is a completely natural and renewable product and nature’s finest insulator. It is soft and supple, warmer than down and more durable than cloth.
Sheepys: The REAL DEAL
Do not be fooled by the synthetics. Synthetic sheepskin materials ARE NOT real sheepskin and DO NOT provide the benefits of real sheepskin.
Sheepys: Unparalleled Comfort & Protection
For centuries, people have looked to sheepskin for warmth and comfort. Durable, wind & waterproof, sheepskin has been used in nearly any application where comfort and protection were needed.
Sheepys : Pure and Simple
For centuries, sheep farmers and country folk have known that no natural or man-made fibre possesses the virtues of 100% sheepskin. As a completely natural product, it is one of nature’s softest fibres. The unique combination of leather skin on one side and wool fur on the other lends its remarkable properties.
Sheepys : Cool in Summer and Warm in the Winter
Sheepskin wool is far superior to synthetic fibres in the way it handles fluctuating body temperature and moisture. Because the fibres of the wool breathe, they create a free flow of air between the body and the sheepskin fibres, acting like a natural thermostat to regulate body temperature. The unique hollow fibres of wool can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping the body perfectly dry regardless of the weather.

Sheepys Sheepkin : The Superior Choice
Sheepskin is the perfect and a superior material choice for pet products because it stands up to the rigorous demands of pets (and humans) with ease! Luxuriously comfortable and warm, sheepskin is, paradoxically, one of the coolest materials available. Soft, yet resilient, it can withstand the toughest treatment and still bounce back. Impossible to copy synthetically, sheepskin and its wool fibres offer an astounding list of natural qualities.